I’m Laura, a 25-year-old writer, equine enthusiast, yogi, dreamer — and since November 7, 2009, no longer a bride-to-be, but a young wife enjoying the start of happily ever after. Life with Danny couldn’t be better!

Now that my own wedding planning is behind me, I’m free to devote even more of my time to another wedding project: an upbeat and informative blog aimed at helping other brides envision their dream wedding, and then build that dream into a reality.

With my own wedding, I only got to wear one dress, plan one menu, and experience one incredible proposal. But for the blog, I get to pour over hundreds of dresses, gather tips on dozens of varieties of reception feasts, listen to proposal stories from brides around the world.

It’s like getting to plan a handful of weddings. Except without worrying about forgetting my vows or breaking out in hives on the big day.

My plans for this blog are bigger than just making sure I keep getting my fill of all things wedding. I want it to become a reference guide for other brides just like me, filled with the knowledge I gleaned as I navigated my own engagement and wedding planning, advice from top wedding pros around the country, and overflowing with anecdotes, tips, and warnings from the great young gals who have gone before us.

So if you are (or were) a creative bride and have some words of wisdom to pass along, I’d love to hear from you. I want to hear your story!

Shoot me an email at le_bowden@hotmail.com.

~ Laura