Cash-lite Couture

This gown comes from the Spring 2011 collection from White by Vera Wang for David's Bridal.

Even before becoming a bride myself, I was an avowed boutique lover when it came to bridal gowns. David’s Bridal, for all its tempting prices, couldn’t attract my attention because I didn’t like the Walmart-style shopping — endless racks of endless dresses sheathed in plastic, and a bevy of salespeople who often, in my brief experience with other engaged friends and from what I’d heard from previous customers, provided less than exemplary services.

A couple years ago, my attitude began shifting with the Oleg Cassini and Galina Signature lines — elegant, fashion-forward creations that made me reconsider my idea of David’s Bridal. Although quite a few of my own friends wore wedding gowns from David’s Bridal and looked lovely, I wasn’t entirely convinced. And while I love a good bargain, I don’t like that their no-middleman prices make it difficult for established small businesses to compete in this economy. Worth mentioning: shortly after a David’s Bridal opened in my area about a year ago, the great little bridal boutique where I purchased my own gown, Bridal Ltd., went under.

But then I stumbled upon White by Vera Wang for David’s Bridal. Ladies, do these gowns look anything less than haute couture?

I would have worn one in a heartbeat! (Especially that one up top.)

The combination is great. Vera Wang, the go-to wedding gown designer for almost 20 years + an unbelievable price (between $600 and $1,500)  = happy brides — and bride-funders — everywhere.

This gown comes from the Spring 2011 collection from White by Vera Wang for David's Bridal.

At this point, I guess boutique owners and true boutique purists are the only ones who can really be unhappy. Because, with this quality at these prices, I’ve suddenly turned into a DB’s fan.

Unfortunately for me, I’m already married — but again, at these prices, I might just have to plan an elaborate vow renewal ceremony so I can shimmy into one of these confections!

I’d always admired Vera Wang gowns from afar, knowing I could never slap down the $10,000 price for some of the gowns I daydreamed about. But now, almost any bride who admires her style can wear a gown with the look and feel — and name — of Vera Wang on her big day.

(Be sure to check out the entire line — and bridesmaids dresses coming this summer.)

~ Laura


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