Bride Bio # 4: Kelly Matthews Delph

Wedding date: April 3, 2010
The groom: Joel
Ages at wedding: both were 26
Wedding location: Arkansas
Honeymoon: California
Now living in: North Carolina
Photographer: Jason Crader

Kelly and Joel are, simply put, one of the best-together couples I’ve ever met. They’re fun-loving but sincere, and simply a blast to be around. That’s the perfect way to describe their April 2010 wedding, too.

Since Kelly said she’s a list master, we’re doing this Bride Bio slightly differently — it’s not a Q & A where I ask the questions and she supplies the answers; instead, Kelly just ticked off the 10 most important pieces of advice she feels she has to share with other brides. Enjoy!

1. Have FUN.

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

4. Make time for family and friends during the wedding weekend…don’t schedule yourself doing last minute details….let your friends help you with those things!

5. Live in and enjoy every experience, don’t worry about the next thing on the list.

6. Pray with your fiance constantly and keep things in perspective. It’s the beginning of the rest of your life together…not one day that has to go perfectly or else.

7. Choose your battles.

8. I wrote a letter and sent flowers to my mother the week of the wedding and reminded her of how thankful I was for all the planning and time she had spent on the wedding and that I didn’t forget that.

9. Plan something special, a gift or a surprise for your fiance the day of the wedding, something unexpected. He did just endure 9-12 months of planning with you. I arranged for our exit car to be a fun sporty bmw convertible, since my husband is a car guy. He loved it.

10. Remember that this is a weekend where all of your closest friends and family will be together to celebrate you and your hubby, enjoy it fully!

[Note: Bride Bio interviews may be edited for grammar, spelling and length.]

~ Laura


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