Proposal Dangers — Grooms, Beware!

Long time, no post!

Okay, so maybe the title of this post sounds a bit off for a blog dedicated to promoting marriage. But it isn’t. Because it’s not referring to the dangers of a man “giving up his freedom” — it’s about a sad little story I saw on MSN today about a groom who proposed to his fancee . . . then dropped her beautiful new ring into Puget Sound.

Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of stories like this one — from the groom who, while trying to retrieve the ring he dropped on a bridge, was mistaken for a suicidal would-be-jumper (and it was caught on tape!) to the bride who swallowed her ring in a milkshake.

The moral of the story? I’m personally quite pleased that my husband proposed at home, where the biggest danger he had to contend with was making sure I didn’t feel the ring box in his jacket pocket before he popped the question!

~ Laura


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