Congratulations to Danielle & Brett!

This past weekend, on a Saturday morning that couldn’t have been any more beautiful, one of my best friends, Danielle, married Brett at his family’s home. It was the first backyard wedding I’ve ever been involved in, and I loved the relaxed vibe, the personal setting (the groom’s mother and step-father were also married in this backyard) and personal details (the bride’s mother made the cake; the ring bearer’s pillow was made from the mother of the bride’s wedding dress; the bride’s necklace was made from pearls given to her by her late grandfather), and the lovely backdrops — a wooden bridge, palm trees, a pond. The wedding went off almost without a hitch. What a wonderful day!

Here are a few of the photos my husband (and I, once my bridesmaid duties were done) snapped.

And most important — the happy couple couldn’t have been happier! Now they’re off on a honeymoon in North Carolina, making the most of the crisp fall weather with lots of hiking in the mountains. Congratulations, and many joyful years to come!

~ Laura

PS: Danielle makes another appearance in this blog. Check out the blog header photo — she’s bridesmaid # 4 from the right.


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