The Truth About Conflict Diamonds

In the 90’s it was all about conflict diamonds. Now the issue has turned to the conflict minerals that may be building the West’s ever-more-popular smart phones.

But in the wedding world, while no longer a hot topic, per se, conflict diamonds are still relevant — and so easily avoided. Much as you might love that carat-plus sparkler in the jewelry store window, if it doesn’t have papers tracing it to an unviolence source, do you really want it weighing down your hand — and your conscience?

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my college friends decided on a lab-created diamond when she and her fiance got engaged, because she wanted to make sure, in no uncertain terms, that she wasn’t funding African militias or war lords with her pear-shaped proof of her man’s love. If you still have your heart set on a gemstone that actually came from inside the earth, rest easy: It won’t be hard to find.

The lovely people at The Knot came up with this helpful list of how-tos when it comes to buying conflict-free diamonds. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll get a ring you can love and a diamond that wasn’t bought with blood.


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