Eureka Moment: Bustle, Bustle, Toil and Tussle

Simply number or color-coding your bustle ties will save you -- and your maid of honor -- a lot of time and frustration on your wedding day! Photo by Laura Yang.

I have a very vivid memory from one of my best friends’ weddings: The other maids and I, as well as the bride’s mom and the nervous groom, hovered around the bride in a small side room as the reception swirled on without us.

We were trying to retie and jerry-rig the bustle after the groom’s errant foot had produced a hearty rip! and a suddenly-lopsided bustle. (Thankfully, only a bustle tie had ripped — the dress itself was perfectly fine and the groom was the only one of us who was upset.)

Now, there’s really not much you can do to prevent that situation, unless you want to order all wedding guests and even the groom to give the almighty dress a good three feet of clearance space at all times. But you can do something to make the whole bustle-tying process a lot more streamlined and a lot less brain-bending.

When my seamstress created the French bustle for my dress, she pulled out a handy trick. She simply numbered each of the bustle ties so my maid of honor wouldn’t have any questions about which pieces of ribbon she should tie together.

It worked, as they say, like a charm.

~ Laura


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