Meet Me at the Arbor

Forget alters.

Outdoor weddings need a great backdrop. And even if nature has already given you a picture-perfect setting, why not kick the drama and whimsy up a notch — and borrow the beautiful Jewish tradition of the chuppah — with a breezy, romantic arbor?

Colored fabric and bamboo arbor from

Floral arbor from wedding at The Resort on Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas.

Rustic wedding arbor at Blue Stone Cottage Bed & Breakfast, High Falls, NY.

Arbor decorated by Petals Flower Farm, Gibsons, British Columbia.

"Tuscan" arbor available for customizable purchase from

Grapevine arbor at South Coast Winery Resort & Spa, Temecula, CA

Tropical arbor by Sun and Sea Beach Weddings, Jacksonville, FL.

Arbors aren't just for outdoor weddings. Dramatic fabric arbor from

Come up with your own creative ideas to set the stage for a fabulous ceremony. Happy designing!

~ Laura


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