Get With the Program

The materials and printing for our 175 programs totaled a relatively cheap $98 -- but they looked exactly as I wanted. Photo by Laura Yang.

I received sound advice when it came to wedding programs: No matter how gorgeous they are, most of your guests will leave them behind. Splurge if you’ve got the budget and are just dying for rice paper fan-folded programs, but save big if they’re not of utmost importance.

Well, we went halfway. Linen textured paper that matched our invitations just happened to be a relatively good bargain at the print shop we went to for help. And ribbon’s always cheap. We got 175 simple (but snazzy enough) programs for under $100.

Lots of couples make their own wedding programs with kits available at craft stores and online. Photo by Laura Yang.

When you’re ready to plan your programs, first figure out what information you want to include. If you’re happy to simply list the order of the ceremony and the members of the bridal party, a front and back strip of 6″ x 3″ cardstock will do. If you want more details — I wanted to list everyone’s hometown; one friend included how she and the groom knew the members of the wedding party — then you’ll probably want a booklet type program, a scroll (if you want to get real fancy!) or another clever, larger layout.

For lots of fresh ideas, visit The Knot‘s gallery of real couple’s wedding programs.

PS: Most of our guests did indeed leave their programs behind. We’ve got about 60 sitting in a box. But I couldn’t have been happier with them!

~ Laura


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