Anniversary Adventures: A Quick Top 10

I’ve got anniversaries on my mind, because today is the second anniversary for three of my friends.  Yes, that’s right.  Two years ago on this day, three of my friends married the men of their dreams — and 24 months later on another 24th of May, those three marriages are still going strong.

That got me thinking about what couples do to celebrate their anniversaries.

For some, an anniversary means a big deal vacation: A pair of my college friends decided to postpone their honeymoon until their first anniversary, when they can take more time off from their jobs, and another friend just toured California with her husband for their second anniversary.  For other couples, anniversaries mean a nice dinner or a fun day trip.

Whatever your budget or time constraints, check out these Top 10 ideas for a happy anniversary, whether it’s your first or your fifteenth.

1. Get anniversary pictures taken . . . or schedule a TTD (trash the dress) photo op and pull the wedding dress out for another go-round.
2. Cook a special meal together — and use some of those wedding presents you’ve never touched.
3. Take a mini vacation to one of the spots that just missed making the cut for your honeymoon.
4. Celebrate your milestone by acting like kids again and hit a nearby amusement or water park.
5. Turn your home into your own private resort getaway, with luxurious new bedding, a candlelit bathroom, and chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.
6. Relive the fun of your wedding reception by hosting a swanky party for your closest friends, complete with a cake, a dazzling dress, a DJ and dance floor.
7. Head out into the wilderness for some real alone time on a romantic hillside picnic or camping on a secluded beach.
8. Use your anniversary as a great excuse to travel to an exotic (or not so exotic) spot you’ve both always wanted to visit.
9. Work on putting together wedding, honeymoon, or relationship scrapbooks, or journal your memories of your life together.
10. Return to the site of your first date or proposal and recreate the night(s) that started it all.

~ Laura

(P.S. My current plans for our first anniversary include a return trip to the Caribbean on a cruise — my first.)


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