Wedding Brainstorming: Indoor or Outdoor, That Is the Question

Outdoor weddings can feel intimate and personal, like this garden wedding, or accommodate hundreds of guests on a beach, in a field, or on a mountainside. Photo by Laura Yang.

If you’re debating between an outdoor  wedding and an indoor wedding, chances are you find both ideas somewhat appealing. Let’s take a quick look at the two options.

Outdoor wedding

The pros: Beautiful sunshine and scenery; that one-with-nature feeling; hearing birds chirping pleasantly in the background.

The cons: Dreary, rainy weather; unexpected construction marring your pristine backdrop; car horns and cat fights punctuating your vows.

Indoor wedding

The pros: Controlled environment you can decorate easily; intimate space; electronic and musical equipment unavailable outside.

The cons: Unforeseen lighting problems; running out of space for guests; drab settings for (overly dark) photographs.

As you and your fiance(e) make your decision, ask yourself these five simple questions:

1.) Would rain or snow spoil my big day or turn into a fun surprise/photo op?

2.) Will your guests be more comfortable indoors or out of doors (due to sun, heat, cold, wind, bugs, allergies, etc.)

3.) Are most of your sentimental memories as a couple things that happened inside or outside?

4.) Would your ceremony must-haves (unity candle, guitar solo, bride’s grand entrance, etc.) work better inside or outside?

5.) Of the weddings you have attended, have you enjoyed indoor ceremonies or outdoor ceremonies more?

I hope every couple chooses the right setting for them!

~ Laura


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