Eureka Moment: The Homemade Cake

We all know that nobody can cook (or bake) like Mom. And if said Mom loves baking and also has a knack for knockout decorating, why not ask her if she would be willing to grace your reception with one of her own creations?

The same goes for an aunt/close friend/other relative who comes up with classy confections. Not only will it be incredibly personal, but it will add another element of uniqueness to your wedding — because, after all, how many brides have loved ones in their inner circles who can make cakes on par with the pros’?

I’ve known several brides whose mothers or mothers-in-law have made their cakes. Every single one was at least as beautiful as what their local bakery would have whipped up.

I even received one myself, at the bridesmaid brunch the day before my wedding — and it was a gift I will always treasure . . . even though we ate it up pretty quick!

~ Laura

I received this gorgeous cake at my bridesmaid brunch, courtesy of a close family friend -- who made her son's wedding cake six weeks later. Photo by Heather Circelli.


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