The Waiting Game

Still waiting? Savor the anticipation. Three-stone diamond ring from Kay Jewelers.

Some days, I can hardly recall what that phase of life felt like.

Other days, I remember the ache all too well.

During that time when you’re expecting a proposal any time your significant other suggests a fancy dinner or clever date, it can be hard not to get ahead of yourself — in other words, get busy planning wedding details.

Pre-engagement wedding planning can be a blast, since you don’t have a fixed date or budget, and you’re not burdened with considering other people’s wishes yet. Waiting for the proposal itself — that moment when your relationship transitions from “committed” to “committed” — can be a long and lonely road, though.

During my waiting phase, I watched friends getting engaged. I watched friends start dating and get engaged and get married. I watched friends having beautiful little babies. Meanwhile, my all-important finger remained bare. More than a shadow of inadequacy crept over me: These other girls’ boyfriends thought they were worthy of dropping to one knee.

When the proposal finally came, though, cliché as it sounds, it was all the more memorable and incredible and earth-shaking because of the wait. And when the wedding came nearly a year later, it felt all the more meaningful and real because we knew we hadn’t hurried into our engagement and marriage; we knew we’d found the right person to share life’s great adventures.

And we knew we weren’t just “committed,” we were “COMMITTED!”

So if you’re waiting what feels like an eternity, bear in mind (hard as it may be): Getting engaged is well worth the wait — and maybe even better that way.

~ Laura


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