Wedding Planning Tools: If the Shoe Fits. . . .

Who says stylish shoes can't be comfortable? Photo by Melody Overholser.

If you’re a bride who’s planning to wear a traditional wedding dress, it’s a safe bet your guests won’t see more than a peep of your shoes.

But has that ever stopped us from selecting ridiculously cute, quality couture or sleek and stylish heels for our weddings?  Well, maybe in one or two cases.  Most of the brides I’ve known have been pretty darn serious about finding just the right shoes, though (even if they plan to change into flip flops for the reception!).

Before you head out to the store, ask yourself these simple questions and you’ll streamline your shopping experience and ensure you go home with shoes you’ll love:

1. Am I going to prioritize style over comfort, or comfort over style, or try to get the best of both worlds?

2. Do I want to find shoes that match my dress (with similar bows, bling, etc.), do I want to find shoes that match my bridesmaids’ colors, or do I want to find shoes I’ll wear again after the wedding?

3. Is there a certain size heel limit that I have to stick to so my dress doesn’t end up too short?

4. What kind of shoe will suit my wedding’s location, formality, and level of activity?  (Stilettos won’t work well for a beach wedding; casual sandals aren’t appropriate for a cathedral; pointy-toed pumps won’t be comfortable for dancing the night away, etc.)

5. What types and styles of shoes have I been really happy with — and really unhappy with — before?

Here’s to finding that perfect pair of shoes for your perfect day.

~ Laura


One response to “Wedding Planning Tools: If the Shoe Fits. . . .

  1. That’s some mighty good advice. Yuppers.

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