Big Changes, Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

If you’re a Young Bride’s Guide regular, you’ve already noticed a couple of changes today.

First, our bride-and-groom-in-Chucks header has disappeared, replaced by a picture of some stunningly beautiful bridesmaids’ bouquets and behinds.   (Okay, okay, they were my bouquets and my girls.  So I’m a little biased, so what?)

Second, this isn’t just the Young Bride’s Guide anymore.  It’s now The Wise Bride’s Guide.  Ta-da!  (If this were a vlog instead of a blog, this is the part where a drum roll would sound, followed by a stirring trumpet fanfare and the percussion of fireworks exploding somewhere over our glorious new name.)

My decision to widen this blog’s target audience had been a long time coming, and I hadn’t been steering the book that direction for months.  My reasoning: It’s not just under-25 brides who are creative with their wedding plans.  Brides who are 30, 35, and 65 come up with ideas equally unique — and I want to reach out to them, and have them reach out to me in return.  If the whole point of this blog is to foster creative wedding planning, what good does it do to exclude some of the wedding world’s most creative contributors?  Besides — almost nothing I wrote about was age-specific anyway!

There are plenty of other new blog features you can expect to see soon, too.  They will include: Professional Profiles, giving a glimpse into the life and work of wedding pros around the country; Bride Bios, featuring Q & A’s with real brides, as well as their tips about what inspired their one-of-a-kind weddings; Party Planners, focusing in on bridesmaids or family members who host fun, funky showers and other parties surrounding the wedding; wedding brainstorming tools, offering guidance as brides-to-be try to figure out what they want for their own weddings; and Eureka Moments, a short feature zeroing in on one incredibly inspirational idea.

And I’d like to express my thanks to the wonderful Parris Whittingham for his help prying these plans from the dusty corners of my imagination.  It’s so important to trade ideas with creative individuals when you’re trying to get something new off the ground — and that goes for all you busy wedding-planning brides, too.

I hope you’ll keep checking out this new (and — fingers crossed! — improved) version of The Wise Bride’s Guide.  Let me know what ideas or professionals or brides you would like to read about.  Send me an e-mail anytime at

Hope to hear from you soon!

~ Laura


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