Get “Married on Myspace”?

Dehlia tried on three couture gowns on "Married on Myspace" and fell in love with one -- but voters, not the bride-to-be, will choose her wedding day look.

Any woman wearing an engagement ring could probably tell you there are a million and one details that going into planning a wedding.  Some women react to those details with polar opposite approaches.

There are detail divas (I was one of those, for better or worse).  Then there are brides like Erica from Michigan, who wrote to me about her attitude: “I really haven’t enjoyed much of the process of wedding planning.  It is too tedious and time-consuming.  I’d rather leave the details to someone else to take care of.”

Regardless of whether you feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied by the thought of planning everything or want to micromanage all your vendors, for a free wedding, would you be willing to hand complete control over to virtual strangers — literally, virtual strangers?

That is exactly what the couples from the second season of “Married on Myspace” were willing to do.  In exchange for a professionally overseen (by TheKnot‘s Anja Winikka) and sure-to-be-stunning wedding, the winning couple, Dehlia and Graham, have agreed to let other people plan their wedding.  And who’s doing the planning?  Voters on Myspace, who decide all the wedding details, from the style of the wedding photography to the rings the couple exchanges to the ceremony location.

(At least, with all the voters’ options pre-selected by professionals, Dehlia and Graham are guaranteed a beautiful wedding regardless of the voters’ choices!)

Take a peek and let me know how you would feel about trading control of your wedding for a free, fabulous affair.

Dehlia and Graham from "Married on Myspace."


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