Do Your Homework, Don’t Get Swindled

As with any wedding expense, do your research before you head to a bridal show. Make sure it's run by a reputable vendor or promotional company. Also check with the venue where it's being held to make sure they have it on their records.

On Monday, ran a story about a bridal show in Boston, billed as the “biggest and most extravagant” in the New England region.

The problem?  There was no such show.

The entire thing was phony, a scam cooked up to swindle money from vendors who pre-paid for booths and couples who pre-paid to attend.

For brides, it’s a bitter pill to realize there are plenty of people out there ready to take advantage of your excitement. From nonexistent bridal shows to quack DJs and photographers to online wedding gown retailers that sell knock-offs instead of the real deal, there are lots of places your wedding planning could go wrong.

But if you keep a level head while your heart’s soaring over the moon, you’ll be just fine.

Do your research. I cannot stress how important this is!  Checking reviews and references of vendors, comparing prices around town, making sure professionals carry insurance, and finding out if a bridal show’s advertised venue actually has the event on their calendar will all go a long way in buying you peace of mind — and helping you avoid disaster.

It’s true you can’t ensure that nothing will go wrong, or that you won’t be disappointed by even the most “professional” of professionals.  But you will have done your job, so you won’t spend years blaming yourself.  That’s worth more than just about anything else!

~ Laura


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