Tux Deluxe

Hollywood has always known a tux is the ultimate in men's formalwear (as modeled by Sir Laurence Olivier in the movie Rebecca).

Nothing says “dapper” or “dashing gentlemen” quite like a well-fitted tux.

I mean, come on.  James Bond didn’t eschew jeans and logo tee shirts for nothing.

But seriously, think about it: Hollywood’s glamor days are filled with images of tall, dark and handsomes — Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier, just to name a few — all decked out in the finest tuxes money could buy.  And if you’ve decided on a traditional wedding, you probably want nothing less for your main man and his groomsmen.

The question is, how to find just the right tux?

First, make sure you and your groom are on the same page about how you want your wedding party to look.  (Believe me, there are gonna be fireworks if he’s thinking khakis, rolled-sleeve shirts and flip flops while you’re picturing a whole lineup of Sean Connerys and Pierce Brosnans.)

Next, figure out if you want you groomsmen in traditional black and white, or if you want to pull in some color to coordinate with the bridesmaids, via vests or pocket squares or ties.

Look through catalog pictures, and browse online at major tux rental stores, such as After Six or Men’s Warehouse.  (Keep in mind, Men’s Warehouse rents tuxedos and sell suits, but they will not rent suits to adults, only to children.)

If you want your wedding party to coordinate, you can choose vests, pocket squares, or ties to match your bridesmaids' gowns. Or let groomsmen choose their own wedding day wear.

Same as choosing dresses for bridesmaids, think about each groomsmen’s needs.  A three-button jacket, for example, is an uncomfortable fit for barrel-chested guys.  If you’re letting your bridesmaids each choose their own style dress, you might want to consider letting your groomsmen each select their own tux — if they’re fashion-forward, clothing-minded guys.  (For a lot of groomsmen, it’s easier to just pick up the tux you’ve picked out!)  Just make sure they stick to the same colored shirts — because if one guy picks ecru and stands next to another who’s wearing white, the ecru shirt will look dirty.

Whatever you decide — or whatever your groom desperately wants — bear in mind that, no matter who chooses the outfits, it’s less important than who wears them.  Keep your wedding party comfortable and within their budgets, and you’re well on your way to making everybody happy.

Especially if you give them a reasonable expectation that, fifteen years down the road, you won’t look at their get-ups and laugh at how ridiculous they looked.

~ Laura


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