How-To: Style a Basic French Twist

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the French Twist!

This picture, predictably enough, is from the 1950’s.  (Check out The Hair Archives for other great pictures of hairstyles through the decades!)  But the French twist looks just as classy and classic now as it did half a century ago.

It’s the style I chose to compliment my strapless dress when I was a bridesmaid in a Christmastime wedding; it’s the style countless stars, from the daring Megan Fox to the always elegant Kate Winslet, have paraded down the red carpet.

And whether or not you want to twist your hair up the French way on your wedding day, it’s a soft and sophisticated look you might like to have in your back pocket, ready to whip out for your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or a fancy dinner out during your honeymoon.  Here’s how.

1.) Brush your hair free of knots so it is smooth and supple.

2.) Gather your hair into a semi-tight ponytail at the nape of your neck.  Do not fasten the ponytail with a hair tie.

3.) Keep your left hand at the nape of your neck to hold the ponytail in place.  With your right hand, lift the ponytail up so it is parallel with the back of your head and begin twisting the ponytail, keeping the hair close to your head.

French twists are an easy at-home updo. Style using HairZing created at

4.) When your ponytail is fully twisted, fold the end down so the French twist does not extend high onto the top of your head.

5.)  Tuck the loose ends into the seam of your French twist, continuing to twist as you do this so the hair doesn’t become loose.

6.) Pin your twist in place, or use a HairZing, a product made of two hair combs with decorative netting stretched between them to hold your twist in place.

7.) Enjoy your tres chic new look!

~ Laura


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