Rock Stars

Lavish (multi-million-dollar) weddings aside, celeb brides like Beyonce sure do live the good life, because ($5 million) diamonds are forever!

Celebs brides have it made.

Designer gowns custom-made to their wishes?  Check.  Celebrity chefs to cater their receptions?  Check.  Lengthy honeymoons at ritzy hotels in exotic destinations?  Check.

Oh, and then there are their mega-sized diamond rings.

The rock on Beyonce’s wedding ring weighs in at 18 carats and is worth over $5 million.  For a turn modeling that flawless ring, I think I’d be willing to put up with the bodyguards she certainly needs when she wears it out and about, too.

In December, Carrie Underwood’s hockey beau popped the question with a snazzy yellow diamond — but compared to Bey’s price tag, it was only worth a paltry $150,000.  Pocket change, really.

Now almost simultaneously comes the news of Nicole Richie’s 4 carat round brilliant diamond from rocker and baby-daddy Joel Madden, and his ex, Hilary Duff’s own 4.5 carat radiant-cut gem from her hockey player boyfriend.

Nicole’s sparkler came from jeweler-to-the-stars Neil Lane, is said to have cost $200,000, and she helped design it.

Hilary Duff got a huge diamond to go with her new fiance.

Depending on the source, Hilary’s slightly larger ring — which she received in a balcony proposal during her recent Hawaiian getaway — is worth a healthy $300,000 or a hefty $1 million.

Either way . . . are you starting to feel a bit sorry for yourself because the best you’ll ever wear is the half-carat diamond you and your fiance found on sale at Kay?

Well, don’t.

Look at it this way: Anyone who has the kind of money to drop several hundred thousand or even a million dollars on a piece of jewelry doesn’t exactly have to scrimp and save for it.  So if your fiance worked hard to get your engagement ring into his budget, you should feel honored — far more honored than a celebrity bride-to-be whose boyfriend plunks down the credit card for a pricy ring as easily as the rest of us would hand over the plastic for a $4 latte.

Buying you a token of his unending love was important to your fiance.  It doesn’t matter if your diamond isn’t several carats or if the color isn’t a perfect grade D.

Because it’s still your diamond.  It’s still your forever.

~ Laura


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