The Wedding-Free Zone

Stressed? Upset? Worried? Set up a "Wedding Free Day" and let the relaxation begin!

Not to be a downer. . .but when it comes to weddings and wedding planning, there’s a certain level of stress or anxiety that’s unavoidable.

You are, after all, orchestrating and anticipating not only the biggest party of your life, where for the first and last time you’ll have all your nearest and dearest together — you’re also stepping into a totally new life.  So whether the stress comes from the details of the day or the monumental responsibility that is marriage, brides (and their grooms!) have a lot on their plates.  For my part, the biggest problem was figuring out how to chew all the DIY projects I bit off early in my engagement.

That’s why on my birthday, ten days before the wedding, I imposed a “Wedding-Free Day.”  D and I spent the day at Disney World running around like little kids — laughing all the way down Big Thunder Mountain, perusing the shops on Main Street, USA, and even bouncing in our seats through Pirates of the Caribbean.  And we didn’t talk about wedding plans at all.  None, nada, zip!  It was such a refreshing day — and the whole time, my excitement built.  It was almost like we had a secret: We knew something even bigger and better was coming, but we couldn’t talk about it.

As much as you love looking forward to your wedding, you might need to take a time-out from planning just so you can relax!

Set up your own wedding-free day and take the time to enjoy something — besides weddings — that you truly love.  Maybe it’s something you haven’t made much time for since getting engaged, or maybe you want to try something completely new, like taking a sports lesson together or visiting a new place.  Whatever you do, stick to the rules.  NO WEDDING TALK!

A word of warning: It will be hard at first.  Terribly hard.  You’ll suddenly think of a change you want to make to your seating chart, or an idea for your bridesmaids’ bouquets will pop into your head.  But I promise, from experience, at the end of the day, you’ll be so much happier if you don’t turn your wayward thought into a lengthy discussion!

Focus on enjoy your together time instead of picking over wedding details, and you’ll find a renewed anticipation for your wedding planning the next morning.  Better still, you will have spent some quality time with the person you love most, growing your relationship — and after all, that’s what your marriage will be all about.

~ Laura


One response to “The Wedding-Free Zone

  1. That is great advice for brides. Like you said, it IS hard to not think about it for a whole day. Especially as it gets closer to the wedding day. But I am getting married soon and planning the whole wedding so it does get very stressful. Even if you have someone else planning it I’m sure it’s stressful. I hope other bride’s take your advice and find it as helpful as I did.

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