Princess Brides?

So I’m doing some computer work, and I have TLC’s Say Yes To the Dress on in the background to keep me company.

Have plenty of cash to spend on your dress? Then check out current "It" designer Monique Lhuillier, whose dresses average $5,000-$10,000.

Now, admittedly, I didn’t shop for my bridal gown at Kleinfeld in New York.  And many of the brides who do are surely dear, sweet girls who love their daddies and volunteer long hours at homeless shelters.  But I’ve got this suspicious feeling that a couple things combine — beyond straight-up bad behavior — to make these brides look more like spoiled, self-centered princesses once the show airs:

a.) Every person, especially excited brides-to-be, act different when they know cameras are rolling.  This includes brushing off $10,000 gowns as minimal, if not absolutely necessary, expenses.

b.) Top-notch editors know how to deftly pare away most of the brides’ humanity and leave behind whining girls who expect their families (or store employees) to kowtow to their demands.

I’d like to put it to you: What is appropriate for a bride-to-be to expect when she’s seeking the dress of her dreams?  It’s one thing to want to find the gown that turns you into a princess for a day, but as I wrote in another post, it’s not okay to turn everyone else into a servant or subject.  So how should the dress shopping girl go about her excursion?  A few tips to keep in mind.

1. Take only a few trusted shopping partners
Moms are a must.  Maids of honor can be a good idea.  Big no-nos are overly critical relatives, jealous friends, or anyone with extremely questionable taste when it comes to fashion.

2. Make sure you’ve done your research ahead of time
Having an idea of designers you love or styles you hate will save you time when you’re out shopping.

When you go dress shopping, try on styles you've never imagined yourself wearing -- you may be pleasantly surprised. Gown by Demetrios.

3. Have realistic expectations
Know that gown consultants, while experts in their field, can’t whip your dream dress out of thin air.  If they don’t have exactly what you want in their store. . .that isn’t their fault.

4. Be open to trying lots of dresses
Not only will you be more certain that you’ve found “the one” if you check out a bunch of gowns, but you may be surprised that a style you’d always avoided looks incredibly flattering on your shape.

5. Listen to the experts
Bridal salon consultants know wedding gowns inside and out — literally — and will be able to give you plenty of tips about flattering shapes, comfortably fabrics, possibilities for alterations, and even what kind of undergarments, shoes, or jewelry to check out.

Have a great time finding your dress!  Just remember, there’s no editor who’s going to come behind you and snip your shopping trips down to a few short segments designer to fit commercial breaks.  And you, unlike many TV brides, want to leave a good impression!

~ Laura


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