How-To: Create Quick & Easy Aisle or Chair Decorations

Simply-gathered mini bouquets add a festive -- and relatively inexpensive and easy-to-make -- touch to your wedding.

Running short on time or cash but still need a few more artistic touches to spruce up your venue?  Don’t worry.  Sometimes the simplest decorations can make the best impression, and with just a few pieces of ribbon and some extra blooms, you’ll have pretty pops of color to brighten your wedding.

Step 1.  Purchase (or snip from your own garden) simple flowers that coordinate with your wedding decor.

Step 2.  Buy ribbon that matches your bridesmaids’ dresses, or choose some lace, satin, or eyelet that compliments your own dress.

Step 3.  Trim flower stems to a length of just a few inches — whatever looks best in proportion to the flower’s (or flowers’) size.

Step 4.  Taking your ribbon, cut a piece that is a couple feet long.  Fold the ribbon in half.  Several inches from the folded end of the ribbon, pinch both sides of the ribbon together, creating a loop at the folded end.

Step 5.  Leaving the loop free, wrap the rest of ribbon around the flower stem, finishing it with a tidy bow.

Step 6.  Hang each mini bouquet by the ribbon loop, either along the center aisle at your ceremony site, or on the backs of chairs at your reception.

Variations on this idea include using feathers, or just bows themselves.  Experiment with your favorite looks, and accessorize with items that help bring out your personality and the style of your wedding — tie little silver heart charms onto bows, for example, or use funky palm-tree printed fabric for a beach wedding.

Above all, enjoy the project, and make sure that whatever you decide to make adds to your wedding’s beauty, rather than distracting from it.

~ Laura


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