The Ending and the Beginning

We're really married!

Well, it’s done. 

As of November 7th, I’m a married woman.  And the wedding and the honeymoon were so much more than I’d ever dared dream they would be.

But now my own wedding planning is over — forever.  And my new life stretches before me — forever.

For the months that my life revolved around this wedding — days spent at hair trial runs and shopping for the perfect jewelry; nights spent sifting through centerpiece ideas and menu options and program designs — I worried I’d suffer a sort of post-wedding blues once it all came to a halt.  I am here to tell all you brides-to-be, for me at least, that feeling never came.  (Apparently though, right after the wedding, my maid of honor and one of the bridesmaids suffered it for me.)

Instead, as I’ve segued from wedding-minded maiden to nesting-obsessed wife during the past two weeks, all I’ve felt is an overwhelming happiness, a sense of relief that all my ideas and hopes came together so beautifully on that one fabulous day, and a deep gratitude for the people who helped pull it off.  I’m excited for the future.  I’m also thrilled to look back on the most breathtaking day (the wedding!) and relaxing week (St. Lucia honeymoon!) I could ever imagine.  But I’m even happier now than I was during all the fun dress shopping, flower-choosing and dance practices leading up to it.

So yes, there is life after the wedding.

But I’m already itching to attend another one!

~ Laura


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