Registries: Do, Don’t, and “Did They Really?!”


While some guests will want to shop off-registry, most will be glad to get something they know you really want! "Chirp" pattern from Lenox.

The more items I check off my wedding to-do list, the more convinced I am that setting up my registry was one of the most exciting and fun parts of the whole shebang.

Think about it for a moment: how often do you get to go shopping with a little clicker-gun, zapping each product that tickles your fancy, with a good chance of actually getting said item without splurging for it yourself?

Even celebs like a good shopping spree.  Check out The Daily Beast‘s list of celebrity bridal registries.

And get ready to set up your own!


Remember to register for the essentials -- and some fun items, too. Barware from Calphalon.

Before you start, map out exactly what it is you need (or just plain want) to set up your home as Mr. and Mrs.  That will help you decide where to create your registry — or registries.  Just remember: keep it to three registries or fewer, lest you overwhelm your potential gift-giver (or just plain come across as a gift-grabbing gal).  Also keep in mind that, while registering at local boutiques — like the delectable Granada Gourmet in my hometown — can be fun, if the store doesn’t come with a Website, it will be much harder for out of town guest to gift you with the goods of your choosing.

So check out these popular registry spots, then shop away!


Give yourself time to make sure you really like the items on your registry -- which means, set your registry up early enough that you have time to change your mind! Cameo bath accessories from InterDesign.
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Cook’s Corner
Crate & Barrel
JC Penney
Pampered Chef
Pottery Barn
Sur La Table
Williams Sonoma

When you set up your registry, keep in mind that not all your guests will be shopping with the same budget — so make sure there’s plenty of everything.  Go ahead and register for the several-hundred-dollar electrics, but have a good variety of inexpensive kitchen gadgets and decorative items on your registry as well.  And keep track of what has been purchased as your wedding gets closer.  You might find you need to add more items as purchases are made!

Happy registering!

~ Laura


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