The Homestretch

BrideandGroomIf it seems like I’ve been AWOL lately…it’s just because I have been.

At this time one week from today, I’ll be dancing my way through my wedding reception, nibbling on freshly baked pies, catching up with out-of-town friends and family. And as any been-there-done-that or soon-to-be bride will tell you, the stretch run to your wedding day will be one of the busiest, most hectic, most nerve-wracking — and most exciting — times of your life.

So, a few things I’ve learned in the past few weeks that have preserved my sanity (this far):

  • Don’t suddenly develop thin skin. If a friend or family member says or does something that hurts you, steps on your toes, or (seemingly) belittles your wedding plans, just change the topic and give yourself some time to cool down.  Focus on the tasks ahead of you — and the life ahead of you — and within a few days, you’ll be able to look at the problem from the perspective of your entire wedding.  Chances are, you’ll realize that, whatever it was, it has turned into a non-issue.
  • Within reason, complete tasks as you can. Beginning numerous projects, only to move on to others before you’ve finished, will leave you feeling like you’ve made little progress.
  • Be ready to be flexible! There will be lots of last-minute changes, from guests who suddenly can’t make the wedding and guests who suddenly can, to tasks you’d overlooked and projects you need to redo.
  • Allow your vision for your wedding day to evolve. If your programs don’t turn out quite as you visualized them, give yourself a minute to sigh over it, then move on.  Simply force yourself to integrate changes into the way you envision your wedding — otherwise, you’ll spend precious energy pouting when you should be moving forward with other plans.
  • Keep some semblance of fun in your life! This past week, for example, I spent my birthday at Disney World (and got in free, as a Florida-resident birthday girl!) with my fiance.  There’s nothing like a good kiddie ride to make you forget your stress!
  • Accept help when it’s offered. I have one friend lined up to do a second make-up trial run (thanks, Tiffany!); ladies from the church have helped create custom chair covers (thanks to all of you!); one wonderful bridesmaid (Lauren, I love you!) is coming into town tomorrow to be here the entire week leading up to the wedding.  Without the energy — and extra hands — of friends and family, I wouldn’t even feel up to getting out of bed and tackling each day’s wedding to-do list.

I’m excited for this wedding, delighted to begin this marriage — and determined to stay calm and soak it all in!

~ Laura


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