To Bedazzle or Not to Bedazzle? That is the Question.

Will you be a blinged-out bride in an intricately-detailed gown, like this one from St. Pucchi...

Will you be a blinged-out bride in an intricately detailed gown, like this one from St. Pucchi...

Back in the day (meaning, oh, 2005) I knew exactly what kind of wedding dress I would wear on my big day: a softly flowing chiffon gown with skinny little
straps that crossed over a low-cut back. Peach underskirt. And bling, lots of bling on the bodice — mostly seed pearls, but I wasn’t averse to the thought of rhinestones, silvery threads, crystals.

On my wedding day, I wanted to impress!

Fast forward to January 2009.  I was newly engaged, and ready to start dress shopping.  And my entire outlook had changed.  Spaghetti straps were no longer my idea of the height of sophistication, and I knew if there would be any razzle-dazzle on my gown, it must be kept to a minimum.

J. Crew is known for clean, casual wedding dresses.

...or will you go with the simple look that J. Crew Weddings is known for?

My personality had changed as I’d grown up, and so had my ideas for my wedding. Before, I’d never really thought about what I wanted my guests to feel, or how my dress could set the wedding’s tone. What I decided was that a simply elegant, less flashy gown suited my personal style better — and that it might just convey my desire for my wedding to be about everyone having a good time, rather than making myself the glittering star of the show.

Of course, that isn’t to say that be-beaded gowns or feathery headdresses make a bride an ungracious hostess!

What each bride needs to decide for herself is what her gown says about her when it’s on her.  Some brides could pull off a Swarovski-emblazoned gown with panache, and come off lovely and unpretentious — but I would look like my dress was trying to outshine the sun at a debutant ball, while I personally faded into the wallpaper.  It just wouldn’t work for me!  On the flip side, I look my best in understates dresses, but some brides glow all the brighter above a bodice of seed pearls and metallic embroidery.

If you’re in the mood or market for a splashy, star spangled dress, you might have luck with one of these designers:

The gowns from PLATINUM for Priscilla of Boston feature lavish embroidery and beading.

The gowns from PLATINUM for Priscilla of Boston feature lavish embroidery and beading.

Allure Bridals
Amalia Carrara
Carolina Herrera
Eve of Milady
Impression Couture
Mary’s Bridal
Mia Solano
Moonlight Bridal
PLATINUM for Priscilla of Boston
Reem Acra
Sottero and Midgley
St. Pucchi
YSA Makino


For subtle gowns with minimal embellishments, try one of these designers:

Or will you go the low-key route, a la this Judd Waddell silhouette?

Judd Waddell gowns feature clean silhouettes that let the fabric and shape take center stage.

Anna Maier/Ulla Maija Couture
Augusta Jones
The Cotton Bride
J. Crew Weddings
Jenny Lee
Judd Waddell
La Sposa
Lela Rose
Nicole Miller
Paloma Blanca
Val Stefani
Vineyard Collection
WToo Brides

Whatever type of gown you’re hoping to find, good luck, and happy hunting.

~ Laura


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