IMG_4741 What an overwhelmingly beautiful weekend!

After attending and hosting so many showers for so many friends, I almost didn’t know what to do once the party was for me.  (What I did was look like a deer caught in headlights, giggle a lot, and fight off the urge to hyperventilate when I saw the enormous stack of presents my friends and family gifted upon me.)

My wonderful maid of honor, Amanda, and her wonderful mother, Gloria, hosted the shower at their home.  About 30 friends — including my soon-t0-be sister-in-law and mother-in-law who came all the way from Washington, D.C. just for the day — celebrated, played shower games, and feasted on Gloria’s famously good baking. The afternoon had a pie theme, a nod to the dessert of choice that Danny and I will serve at our reception.

I learned that showers, like weddings, can be overwhelming for the bride. Just keep smiling (and breathing)!

Surrounded by a sea of gifts, I learned that showers, like weddings, can be overwhelming for the bride. Just keep smiling (and breathing)!

And as each guest left for the evening, the two hostesses handed out individually-wrapped sweets.  Each of the guests had their choice of the afternoon’s two delicious desserts: a hummingbird cake cupcake or a miniature berry crumble.

I realized anew something that I’ve seen at all of my friends’ showers — having a supportive network of friends and family is a true blessing.  As a bride, these are the people who will talk you through weight-loss struggles and let you vent about snide vendors.  They are the ones who will tell you, yes, that wedding dress does make you look like a giant marshmellow.    They’ll reassure you every time you stress about the details that your wedding will be beautiful and you will be a glowing, ecstatic bride.

Gifts aside, showers are a wonderful time to reflect on that happy, special time in your life that comes just before your wedding — to laugh with good friends — to realize, at last, you are really and truly a beaming bride.

Because, for me, with the first party successfully wrapped, this whole marriage thing is beginning to feel real!

~ Laura


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