Laissez-Faire Wedding Planning? C’est la vie!

About three weeks ago, I felt it creeping up my throat: Panic!  Fear!  Anxiety and apprehension!

Don't have the time or cash to pull together an extravagent look? C'est la vie! Your guests will probably forgive you -- or not even notice.

Don't have the time or cash to pull together an extravagent look? C'est la vie! Your guests will probably forgive you -- or not even notice.

This wedding planning was getting to be a mite too stressful — between numerous invitation redesigns, an ever-expanding guest list, and more DIY projects than I can count on my fingers.  (Really, gals.  Don’t always try it at home!)  I was so ready for the wedding to arrive and then be done with . . . and at the same time, dreading the wedding because of how much I had left to do!

But I’ve learned something in the past couple weekends.  No matter what goes wrong, no matter what goes perfectly, a wedding is a celebration, and there’s almost nothing that will slow down the celebration for even a moment.

What do I mean by this?  Well, I’ve realized that I don’t need to be quite the Detail Diva I’d been stressing about.  At last weekend’s wedding, for example, I had partied through nearly a third of the reception before I even noticed what the chairs looked like.  There was nothing wrong with them, nor was there anything spectacular about them.  I simply hadn’t noticed.   And it suddenly occurred to me — that’s the way most of my guests will be, too.

Since that lovely little revelation, I’ve felt so much more relaxed.  And guess what?  I’ve gotten a lot done this week.  Invitations addressed, stuffed and stamped; hotel accommodations for guests selected; program laid out;  hairstyle trial run scheduled; plants for centerpieces re-potted.  Plus, I’ve enjoyed the details so much more once it dawned on me that my friends and family wouldn’t judge me by them.

Don’t make my mistake (although I think it’s the inevitable bridal blues kicking in).  Remember, your wedding is a party to plan, yes, but more important, it’s a commitment to celebrate!  So enjoy selecting the song for your first dance, and savor writing your vows.  But if you’re too overwhelmed to paste ribbon trim onto every place card or design a cake that replicates the lace on your dress, don’t worry.  You’re guests will probably forgive you.

Or they’ll be like me: too busy celebrating with you to notice!

~ Laura


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