7 Things to do When You’re Engaged

EngagedI love being engaged. Love it so much I almost wish we could be engaged a while longer! (“Almost” is the key word in that sentence.)

But no matter how short, no matter how long, make sure you get to do these seven things before you officially tie the knot!

1. Daydream
All right, all right.  You could well be doing too much of this anyway.  But don’t confuse planning with daydreaming.  Online research, making phone calls, and keeping appointments don’t count as daydreaming — only sitting back and happily-sighing your way through your vision of your vow swap (or first dance, or big entrance, or that long-awaited tropical honeymoon) counts.  Thinking about exchanging our vows is something that never fails to make my heart skip a beat.  Make sure you skip a few hundred beats before your wedding has come and gone!

2. Set up Your Own Countdown
Whether it’s on your cell phone, inside your social networking profile, or hanging the old-fashioned way on your wall, keep some sort of countdown to your wedding.  It’ll keep you on track — and so excited as you watch the days melt away.  Trust me, this is a lot more thrilling than the clocks that count down to the New Year.

3. Hang Out with Other To-Be-Weds
Nothing builds your own wedding anticipation like hanging out with other girls who are getting married.  Lucky for me, among my circle of friends, 2009 is officially the Year of Weddings.  Spend some quality time dishing about gowns, locations, details.  And chances are, other girls who are getting married will be up for way longer wedding talks than your fiance!

4. Enjoy Some Apart Time
Much as you’re excited to tie yourself to your intended, the months leading up to your wedding are your last chance to really live independent of each other.  So make the effort to spend time with your family, your friends — and just yourself, doing whatever activities you love best.  Now that you’ve committed you’ll be spending the rest of your lives together, you don’t have to feel pressured to prove it by spending every waking moment in each other’s presence!

5. Set a Tentative Life Timeline
Maybe you did this kind of thing when you were a kid, where you laid out your goals and when you wanted to achieve them.  When you’re engaged, it’s time to do it with your fiance.  And it’s a ton of fun, as long as you’re willing to make adjustments as needed.  Example:
1 year – Buy a house
3 years – Finish culinary school; travel through Mediterranean
4 years – Open a bakery
7 years – Have a baby

6. Prepare for Your New Routine
Pre-marriage is a good time to begin talking about how you’ll live your day-to-day life with your fiance/soon-to-be-husband.  Start working together on chores around the house — figure out who will clean toilets, who will balance the checkbook, and how you’ll make sure you’re both involved in making your house your home.

7. Share Your Excitement (With Each Other)
While other people probably don’t want to hear nonstop chatter about how excited you two are to be getting married, when you’re alone, you should savor it.  Leave a note for your man that says you can’t wait to be Mrs. Him.  You just might get a phone call from him, letting you know that he’s pretty stoked for you to join in his family’s Christmas traditions.  Take time to anticipate all the little excitements marriage brings.

~ Laura


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