Sweet Dreams and Nightmares

Real disaster -- the massive May 12, 2008 earthquake -- struck just after this couple's wedding in Pengzhou, China.

Real disaster -- the massive May 12, 2008 earthquake -- struck just after this couple's wedding in Pengzhou, China.

In all honesty, I have yet to attend a friend’s wedding that wasn’t beautiful.  But that isn’t to say that they’ve all been stress-free.

One of my friends, Ashley, had a few run-ins with the management at the venue where she had her December 2006 reception.  She told me about the most glaring problem just after I got engaged — when I was considering booking the same venue.

“We had a major ordeal the night of the wedding with the rice (biodegradable/ safe for birds mind you). I showed the rice to the lady 2 weeks before the wedding and she approved it. The night of the wedding, she lied to her boss and said she had never seen it before,” she warned. 

Another friend, Sarah, had an even bigger problem with her reception site: it shut down just three months before her May 2008 wedding.

My own parents’ had a less than uplifting experience at their wedding, when their photographer (a business acquaintance) felt compelled to bring his three-year-old son along. In the middle of a photo session in the church courtyard, the little terror bunny-hopped across my mother’s train. Leaving distinct child-sized foot prints on the organza, of course. Immediately following, the terror’s father snapped a picture, forever preserving my parents’ expressions of disgust.

Comparatively, it’s been smooth sailing for me so far.  That isn’t to say that I don’t occasionally want to tug my hair out, but I’ve certainly had it easy compared to these awful tales of wedding accidents, arguments, sraight-up sabotage — and real natural disasters.

Five just-married couples were taking wedding photographs when China’s massive 7.9 earthquake struck in 2008. They all survived.

One bride’s mother-in-law offered to make the bridesmaids’ dresses, with Titanically terrifying results.

A dream wedding at a Philippeans hotel turned into a suspiciously well-organized robbery.

Also robbed during their wedding: a Houston couple, who lost over $100,000 in cash and jewelry as they celebrated in Mexico.

In Trieste, Italy last month, a bride ran off with her driver — after her wedding ceremony.

One unsuspecting bride’s cake-cutting took a monsterous turn thanks to the groom’s prank.

A carefully planned, months-in-the-making hairdo ended up forcing one bride to postpone her wedding.

A poorly constructed dress unraveled into a lawsuit for a bride in Italy last year.

Instead of going to the chapel to exchange wedding bands, one young couple went to court to battle for a $48,000 diamond.

In other litigation news, a bride from Queens sued a wedding guest who announced to the couple’s guests that she had been having an affair with the groom.

Over one hundred Houston couples lost a combined $800,000 when an upscale wedding venue closed its doors.

A British couple’s destination wedding in the Dominican Republic came complete with no decorations, food poisoning, and the wrong date.

Just two days before their ceremony, another British couple’s destination wedding was canceled by their hotel “due to an error.”

Similarly, after a few disagreements with the future mother-in-law (who was paying for the wedding), one bride found out — from a vendor — that someone else had canceled her wedding.

Even celebrities have wedding disasters — such as when Patrick Dempsey’s wedding photographers got drunk.

Sports stars aren’t immune, either. Major League Baseball pitcher Brandon Backe was arrested during a wedding brawl.

Instead of an all-out brawl at her reception, one bride faced the wrath of her date-less maid of honor and bridemaid.

In England, two high school sweethearts’ wedding went well until their guests couldn’t leave.

Shivers.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed till after the wedding’s over!

~ Laura


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