Something Bold, Something True

Ah, wedding traditions.

The bride inching her way stiffly down the aisle to the Wedding March.  The bride and groom smashing cake in one another’s faces.  The groomsmen elaborately plastering the getaway car with soda cans or streamers or crude sayings foamed onto the windows.

Okay, so not all of us want to follow all the “wedding traditions” that come to mind.  But the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” traditionis as popular as ever when it comes to bridal wear.  These days, though, young brides are reworking these traditions in unexpected ways.

Something Old

Back in the day, brides regularly recycled sisters’ or mothers’ wedding dresses.  While some brides still choose to borrow a gown, more often than not, it’s an accessory that fills the “old” requirement of the day.

Wedding gown

Antique corset or bustier
Coin from a long-ago year of significance, such as your parents’ wedding date or an ancestor’s birth year.
Dried flowers from mother’s bouquet
Grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ wedding rings on a necklace
Sash made from a relative’s wedding dress

Something New

This one’s kind of a given: probably most of the items you wear on your wedding day will be new.  But that doesn’t mean you can make the newest item you purchased something funny or funky.

Surprise your groom with a garter featuring the logo of his favorite sports team or alma mater.

Surprise your groom with a garter featuring the logo of his favorite sports team or alma mater.

Wedding gown

Coordinating toe ring
Garter with your fiance’s (or your!) favorite sports team logo
Saucy “Here Comes the Bride” thong or customized “Mrs.” underwear.

Something Borrowed

This is the part where I think it starts getting really fun, although it’s not too different from the Something Old.  Even if your Something Borrowed is familiar, wearing or carrying something that belongs to someone important in your life will up the nostalgia and emotional level of your wedding.  Just last night, I tried on one of my bridesmaid’s cathedral veil (although we decided it’s not the best style for my dress).  My friends and I have all decided, however, that we’re all going to borrow the same flower girl.

On a more serious note, consider borrowing something from both your mother and your future mother-in-law, or from each of your bridesmaids.

Family Bible

Bouquet holder
Class ring
Hairstyle friend/relative wore at her wedding
Pocket or pinned watch

Something Blue

The bride whose wedding I attended this past weekend, Tiffany, had her seamstress stitch a blue “D” (the first letter of her new last name) inside her wedding dress.

Blue tulle peaking out from under a hem adds a dash of tradition, quirky style.

Blue tulle peaking out from under a hem adds a dash of tradition, quirky style.


Corset lace
Hair pin (thanks for the idea, Blondini)
Jewelry — aquamarine, sapphire or terquoise
Monogram (inside the dress)
Veil trim
Wedding gown

At this point, I have no idea what I’ll be wearing for my Something Old, Something Borrowed, or Something Blue — but I’m excited to find out!  And for all the other to-be-weds out there, happy hunting.

~ Laura


5 responses to “Something Bold, Something True

  1. Great post–I was just thinking about possibly wearing blue shoes but my mother vetoed that in 2 seconds flat! I like the blue hairpin that the girls wore on their wedding day in Bride Wars–a tiny hair accent is a good idea too!

    Enjoying your blog!


    • blondini, my friend Lauren wore navy shoes (her bridesmaids’ dresses were navy; the bridesmaids wore silvery-ivory shoes that matched the bride’s dress) much to her grandmother’s dismay. The color contrast looked beautiful — and she might actually wear navy heels again some day….

      • That sounds really pretty. I figured I wouldn’t fight my mother on this one–not worth the aggravation and I don’t care THAT much! Any ideas for comfortable brands of shoes? I have terrible feet!


      • If you want heels, anything with a platform is going to be more comfortable than something with a thin sole. Also look for wider straps or slingbacks. Leaving your toes open (cut-off toe rather than peep-toe) will also help prevent your feet from feeling cramped. Make sure whatever shoe you choose feels stable, but have a backup pair of flip flops to change into for the reception.

  2. A new trend is to have your “own” wedding handkerchief. If you have it embroidered or buy it with a blue accent, there is your something blue and your something new. I like giving hankies as a gift because I feel like they are a great keepsake and you can use for them for the rest of your life. There are so many occasions when you can use a tissue so why not reuse your hankie? Go green! Here is my favorite on line store for hankies Check them out, they have a great selection.

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