Another Happily Ever After

On Saturday, two more of my friends celebrated their marriage with a lovely wedding at the bride’s family’s church in Daytona Beach, Florida.  I have reached the conclusion that I will start bawling at any wedding, but this one certainly called for it. 

Luke and Tiffany, who have been together for four years, were as genuinely thrilled to be marrying one another as any couple I’ve ever seen.  At the ceremony, Luke wore a delighted smile, and during their reception, Tiffany occasionally stopped dancing to squeal, “I’m married!”

The excited couple threw an exciting reception.  The DJ kept the party thumping all night, I managed to wrestle the bouquet away from one of the bridesmaids, and the two ring bearers turned the dance floor into their own water-less slip-and-slide.  And although it rained between the ceremony and reception, the skies cleared just in time for a photo shoot in front of a breathtaking sunset — complete with a rainbow in the background.

Now the wonderful couple is off for their Caribbean honeymoon cruise, while their friends back home wish them all the best to start their marriage!

~ Laura


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