Simply Pink Chic

Since I played hostess for this weekend’s shower(s) for Tiffany and Luke — with lots of help from friends, I should add! — I’m not going to claim they were a resounding success.  I will say they were almost as simple as showers can be, and that we most certainly had a good time.

The light spilling in over the mantlepiece cast a halo-like glow over the pink decorations.
The light over the mantle cast a halo-like glow over the pink decorations.

In the afternoon, about twenty of the bride’s friends and family members showered her with gifts, words of wisdom, and plenty of funny stories about the bride and groom.

The beautiful bride.

The beautiful bride strikes a pose.

Everything about the afternoon was pink, Tiffany’s color of choice — from the cupcakes (whipped up by one of the bridesmaids) and sangria to the wrapping on the bride’s gifts, even down to the clothes the guests wore.

In the evening, the ladies’ significant others joined us for a Caribbean-and-Creole themed dinner inspired by the couple’s honeymoon cruise. The meal consisted of jambalaya (courtesy of the maid of honor), jalapeno spoon bread (thanks to a friend’s gourmet cook mother), frozen margaritas, and plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. We capped off the evening with delicious grilled banana splits.

The laid-back evening wrapped up with — surprise, surprise — more gifts!

The couple’s wedding is this coming weekend, and I can’t wait to see the beautiful event Tiffany has planned (with plenty of pink, of course)!  Meanwhile, my fiancee is most excited to sample the caterer’s prime rib.

Best wishes to the happy couple as they anticipate their big day!

~ Laura


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