What’s Your Wedding IQ?

If your university offered a course in Wedding Theory, Wedding History, or Wedding Management, there’s a good bet students would enter the first class feeling smugger than a supermodel at a Weight Watchers meeting.  After all, girls dream about weddings their whole lives, so how much more can we really have to learn?  There’s cake, there’s dancing, people get choked up and promise “Till death do us part” — come on, guys, this isn’t quantum physics.

But by the first exam, those same smug students would be quaking in their pretty little kitten heels.

“What is the definition of a chuppa?”  “Describe the week-long rituals surrounding a traditional Hindu wedding.”  “Create a wedding day time line that a coordinator might give to vendors, including florist, baker, caterer, musicians, and rental companies.”


The pressure is definitely not on here, but you can still test your own wedding knowledge with this 25-question quiz that covers everything from aisles to zinnias.  Maybe you’ll prove you really are the wedding queen — or maybe you’ll learn some things along the way.  Either way, have fun!

If you like following tradition, it's important to find out what the flowers in your bouquet represent.

If you like following tradition, it's important to find out what the flowers in your bouquet represent.

1. If you’re building a bouquet based around flower meanings, you don’t want to include a bud that represents “consolation” or, alternately, “eternal sleep.” Which flower should you avoid?

a.) Stargazer lily
b. Zinnia
c.) Poppy
d.) Anemone

2. Which is not a term that has to do with engagement rings?

a.) Table
b.) Cut
c.) Prong
d.) Ring arch

3. In modern Western civilization, brides traditionally wear white at their weddings, which represents purity and innocence. Brides in other cultures often times wear far more colorful wedding dress.  Which other country has a longheld tradition of the bride wearing white for her wedding ceremony?

a.) Japan
b.) India
c.) China
d.) Vietnam

4. Approximately what is the current median cost for the average American wedding?

a.) $27,000
b.) $15,000
c.) $31,000
d.) 10,000

5.  What is a service that a caterer/reception venue does not usually charge?

a.) Corking fee
b.) Parking fee
c.) Set-up fee
d.) Overtime fee

6. All wedding attire is not appropriate for all venues. Some religious venues might balk at which fashion statement?

a.) Strapless dress
b.) Plunging neckline
c.) Above-the-knee hemline
d.) All of the above

7. Which famous bridal designer “reintroduced” bridal wear to the high fashion scene with bold use of color, unique fabrics, and artistic details?

a.) Monique Lhuillier
b.) Badgley Mischka
c.) Vera Wang
d.) Valentino

8. The bachelorette party has become an American institution.  What is a bachelorette party called across the pond in Great Britain?

a.) Hen night
b.) Maids’ meet
c.) Lass’s last night
d.) Bride’s holiday

9. If your wedding planner says she needs to speak to someone about the chivaris, which vendor does she need to speak with?

a.) Officiant
b.) Rental company
c.) Florist
d.) Baker

Princess cut stones set in white gold or platinum are the current trend in engagement rings.

Princess cut stones set in white gold or platinum are the current trend in engagement rings.

10. Nation-wide, about how many total carats is the “average” engagement ring these days?

a.)  1.2 ca.
b.) .79 ca.
c.) 1.8 ca.
d.) .38 ca.

11.) If a bride plans to take her husband’s name, when should she file the legal paperwork?

a.) The day of the wedding
b.) The day after the wedding
c.) After the honeymoon
d.) After the tax deadline

12. What does the term “behind the rope” refer to?

a.) A designated area at the wedding where an honored guest sits
b.) A roped-off area for taking private wedding portraits
c.) The bride’s dressing area
d.) The Mexican lasso-drape ceremony

13. Wedding trains come in several lengths.  Which of these isn’t one of those lengths?

a.) Garden
b.) Cathedral
c.) Chapel
d.) Sweep

14. Honor attendants’ duties traditionally include all of the following except:

a.) Toasting the newlyweds
b.) Helping the bride/groom prepare for the wedding
c.) Announcing the newlyweds at the reception
d.) All of the above

15. What is the typical suggested age range for flower girls?

a.) 1-3 years old
b.) 2-6 years old
c.) 4-8 years old
d.) 6-10 years old

The Kennedy wedding was one of a number of high profile society weddings in the mid Twentieth Century.

The Kennedy wedding was one of a number of high profile society weddings in the mid Twentieth Century.

16. Which famous real-life wedding was billed by the press as “the wedding of the century” and featured a 12 carat emerald cut diamond ring, a wedding gown with nearly 100 yards of tulle, and an estimated 30 million television viewers?

a.) Jacqueline Bouvier to John F. Kennedy, September 12, 2953, Newport, RI – 1,200 invited guests
b.) Grace Kelly to Prince Ranier of Monaco, April 19, 1956, Monaco – 600 invited guests
c.) Tricia Nixon to Edward Cox, June 12, 1971, the White House – 400 invited guests
d.) Lady Diana Spencer and Crown Prince Charles of Great Britain, July 29, 1981, London – 3,500 invited guests

17. Many types of small ceremonies, like the ultra-popular sand ceremony and unity candles ceremony, have become standard in recent years.  Which is another ceremony that has become trendy?

a.) Tree planting
b.) Water pouring
c.) Bouquet mixing
d.) Letter writing

18. Before ordering an invitation, the bride and groom need to have decided on:

a.) Their wedding style
b.) Their budget
c.) The size of their guests list
d.) All of the above

19. Popular music selections for wedding processionals include each of these pieces except:

a.) “Canon in D” by Pachelbel
b.) “Water Music” by Handel
c.) “Eroica” by Beethoven
d.) “Air on a G String” by Bach

20. It is important for the bride and groom to meet with the band or DJ to discuss everything except:

a.) Pronunciation of names
b.) Microphones
c.) The length of the seated dinner
d.) A do-not-play list

21. Florists should generally deliver the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres:

a.) The day before the ceremony, in vases
b.) At the same time as the reception centerpieces
c.) About an hour or two before the ceremony
d.) Just as the wedding party is ready to walk down the aisle, to prevent wilting

22. Which type of wedding cake (to serve 150 guests) usually costs the most?

This six-tier cake is adorned with a cascade of real flowers.

This six-tier cake is adorned with a cascade of real flowers.

a.) A cupcake tier
b.) A four-tier round cake
c.) A three-tier hexagonal cake
d.) A three-tier round cake covered with sugar paste flowers

23. Rice is no longer showered on the happy couple exiting the wedding because

a.) A grain of rice that lodged in the ear of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low caused her to go deaf
b.) Rice is considered an invasive species in many parts of the country
c.) Birds can die if they eat rice, which expands in the stomach
d.) Wedding and reception venues are afraid that rice could potentially stain or damage property

24. Which wedding wear tradition stems from historical superstitions about luck, fidelity, and purity?

a.) Something old
b.) Something new
c.) Something borrowed
d.) Something blue

25. In the nineteen and early twentieth century, before air travel was the norm and everyday couples could jet off to Fiji for a honeymoon, only well-to-do couples could enjoy the most prestegious post-wedding travels:

a.) A wedding tour of Europe
b.) A wedding cruise to the West Indies
c.) An African safari
d.) An expedition to Mesopotamia


1. c; 2. d; 3. a; 4. b; 5. b; 6. d; 7. c; 8. a; 9. b; 10 d; 11. c; 12. a; 13. a; 14. c; 15. c; 16. b; 17. a; 18. d; 19. c; 20. c; 21. c; 22. d; 23. c; 24. d; 25. a

~ Laura


One response to “What’s Your Wedding IQ?

  1. Thank you for all of the insight. This is a great way to figure where to start planning a wedding. The quiz helps you figure out what you already know and some important thing you didn’t. Some of the answers surprised me! The quiz really engages the reader and keeps them hooked all the way to the end.

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