Party Central

Weddings, as far as I can tell, are the best excuse to have not just one party, but a handful. Three are bare minimum. If you’re like my friends and me, the number might just climb to double digits.

Let’s count: 1. engagement party; 2. bridal shower; 3. couple’s shower; 4. lingerie shower; 5. bachelorette party; 6. bachelor party; 7. combined bachelorette and bachelor party; 8. bridesmaid luncheon; 9. groomsmen luncheon; 10. bridesmaid spa date; 11. rehearsal dinner; 12. wedding eve out; 13. wedding day breakfast; 14. wedding and reception; 15. wedding after party; 16. day-after farewell brunch.

Whew! And I probably left a few more potential get togethers out. To tell you the truth, I don’t know anyone who’s actually had that many parties surrounding a wedding. I do know one couple that, combined, had four showers thrown for them, and several others that had three showers.

But after so many parties, things can start to feel stale. (That’s what I’m worried about: I’m hosting a double shower — girls only in the afternoon, Jack-and-Jill in the evening — this weekend!)

While searching for fun, fresh takes on bridal showers, I came across the Hostess with the Mostesss daily blog — quite possibly my [new] favorite blog ever — with snapshots from more gorgeous parties than I can even imagine attending. Hope you it as much as I did!

Retro Chic Bridal Shower

Modern Moroccan Party

Global Lounge Style

Modern Parisian Bridal Shower

French Candy Party

Vintage-Mod Bridal Shower

An Asian-Inspired Affair

Art-Nouveau Parisian Bridal Shower

~ Laura


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