DIY (Distinctive, Individualized, Youthful) Bridesmaid Goodies

What a long, full few days it’s been….

As I’ve churned through idea after idea after interview after web search for my wedding-centric writing projects, my own wedding plans have sat on hold.


What I have accomplished this past week is: settling on my bridesmaid gifts and starting what is sure to be a long and laborious incubating and birthing process. You see, when I decide to get crafty, I gestate my plans like an elephant: it lasts a long time, and my plans get large, very large.

But as I blissfully ignore the fact that I still have unused sewing patterns and paper mach craft kids from elementary school, I’d like to share a few DIY bridesmaid gift ideas:

Bead-a-Thon: Instead of choosing gifts for your bridesmaids, let the girls make them all together. Hit a local craft store to pick up glass beads, seed pearls and sterling silver charms, then throw a beading party for your ‘maids.

Homemade Healing:Whip up a few batches of your own spa-style TLC — sugar scrub, hand cream, body oil. Look for recipes online at Bath and Body Recipes or Recipezaar. Use natural essential oils like lavender, strawberry, or rosemary for a clean, healthy and refreshing aroma. Give each ‘maid her signature scent.

Paper Divas: Design custom stationary for each of your bridesmaids, using their favorite colors, motifs, or initials — or if you’re a true artiste, one of your own original works of art. If you don’t have a top-of-the-line printer, find a printer in your town who can run off copies for you. (Hint: ask the stationer where you bought your envelopes if they would be able to reproduce your masterpieces for a discount.)

It’s in the Bag:Green is the new black — and when it’s a an eco-friendly green bag, it really can go with anything. Buy reuseable tote bags and have them monogrammed or screen printed for each of your ‘maids. As an added bonus, you could stuff the bags with gift certificates to their favorite stores and they’d be set for a girls’ afternoon out!

Spice of your Life:For all your leaf-loving buds (and no, I’m not talking about the friends who prefer their leaves smoked to steeped) make up your own tea-rriffic blends. You can order custom teas from websites like Artisan’s Cup.

Good luck. Good luck deciding what to give your gals, and good luck making it.

And good luck to me, while I’m at it.

~ Laura


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