This is a whole ‘nother adventure. 

And I’m not sure if I’m talking about this blog, the project behind this blog, or my own wedding, which is 199 days away.

I’ve been engaged since mid January of this year, and I’ve been planning my wedding since about 2001.  I’ve been hacking my way into the wilted freelance jungle since my college graduation last spring, and I’ve been aimed at a writing career since I was 5.  That was also when I wanted to be a dolphin trainer and horse trainer simultaneously, and dabble in veterinary medicine on the side.  But now, preoccupied with planning my own wedding and day dreaming of a Caribbean honeymoon, I’ve suddenly crystallized my current aspirations into one beautiful little nugget that sparkles like an Asscher solitaire: I’m putting my current wedding fascination into a book. 

“Work” feels like an extension of my own wedding planning.  Compiling research to help other under-25 brides is, let me tell you, every bit as much fun as pining over linens that are out of my budget.  And better.  It’s like getting to plan dozens of weddings without having to foot the bill.

But there’s still plenty of work, work, work involved.  I’m drafting and redrafting, organizing and reorganizing outlines.  I’m chasing down interviews.  I’m compiling worksheets.

There’s only one thing that really matters to anyone who stumbles across this blog, though. That is that this blog is going to be an extension and an integrated part of my project.  I’ll offer helpful wedding planning tips from the information I track down — words of wisdom aimed directly at my young, soon-to-be-wed sisters.  I’ll provide checklists, news bites, and reviews that can help lay the foundation for dream weddings (and no doubt keep up a steady stream of information about my own wedding plans).

If you’re ready for your big bridal adventure, I hope you’ll join me in mine.

~ Laura


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